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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Coffee Break Chapter One - Chocolate

Posted by Lavender at 02:03 PM.   Filed under:   • Fictions • Harry_Potter_Fanfiction • Ratings • PG13

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: A drabble about Harry, Ginny, and chocolate.

Relationships: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

Rating: PG-13

Words: 181


“But Harry - my heart belongs to you!” Ginny cried. Harry looked at her sadly. The pain he felt at what he was about to say showed clearly on his face.

“I’m sorry, Ginny. I care about you a lot - you’re like a sister to me – but-”

“But what?” Ginny interrupted jealously. “I don’t care about the prophecy - I love you, Harry! Don’t let some old words come between us.”

“Ginny, I - I don’t care about you in that way. I never will,” Harry said. Ginny was stunned.

“There’s someone else?” she gasped. Harry bowed his head.

“Who?” Ginny demanded.

“Ginny - you know I can’t tell you that,” Harry said in a strained voice. Ginny stared at him for a moment, then burst into tears and raced back into The Burrow.

Later that night, Harry sat in the kitchen at Twelve Grimmald Place. A cup of hot chocolate steamed on the table in front of him. Harry picked it up and took a long, delicious sip.

‘Ah, chocolate,’ he thought, much comforted. ‘My heart belongs to you.’

Author’s Note: This was written for an exercise where we had to write two paragraphs about the statement: “My heart belongs to you”. I started playing around with the Harry/Ginny ship, and this was the result.

A drabble about Harry, Ginny, and chocolate.

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Speaking ガガ ミラノ
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But since the scientists recognized individuals weren’t planning to run barefoot throughout the pavements of the towns, setting up a shoe evolved into the top priority.
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3 Reasons I’m Glad I Used an Infant Care Chart

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Connect with Jennie Lee Williams on Facebook and her blog.
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If you know about pandora bracelets, you’ll recognize that there are numerous categories for bijoux pandora. These categories incorporate pet charms; food-associated charms, drink-associated charms; alphabet charms and more! There is also a whole variety of birthstone charms; more than fifty various floral charms; holiday charms as well as love charms. A number of these charms genuinely belong within more than one category. One example is, the Christmas tree charm, it may fall under the character category and also the holiday category.

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All the seasoning is imparted through the broth/stock so I like to reduce it down and make sure it has a ton of flavor. I use a juice extractor to grate the potato and it makes it easy to measure how much liquid is removed in order to know exactly how much stock to put back, but at the bottom of the juice I take out will be a white brick of starch. I let the potato liquid settle and carefully pour off the water after measuring and take half the block of starch and add it back to the potatoes as the juicer removes far more starch than the traditional process of grating and wringing in cheese cloth. The potato pulp should be pretty dry before adding the stock, so wrap up in cheesecloth and knot the top and use a wooden spoon through the knot to turn and wring it out.
The broth has to be boiling hot. I use a large Kitchen Aid mixer. It may appear that the amount of liquid that came out is too much to put back in, but it will all absorb in as it mixes. The fat that greases the pan will mix with the starch and make a nice crust. My Great Grandmother used lard to grease the pan, but just about any fat will work. I make a huge sheet pan, so it takes about 5 hours at 350 degrees to cook. I also cover the top with foil for the first three hours and uncover it for the next two hours. Good luck!
I remember staying on my Great Grandmothers farm in Nova Scotia as a little boy and eating this every winter. This is not a recipe that is easily made on the first try. I have been working on this dish for about two years now and have improved substantially. Here are my suggestions.
We make it as a family also and the recipe is somewhat different then this one. The stock we use comes from a large pot that we cook chicken, pork and beef in concurrently, along with onions, butter and seasoning. The potatoes are grated and squeezed in cloth bags about a cup or so at a time hence the time consuming part. We don use pork fat to line the bottom of the large rectangular oven pans into which we have one layer of the grated patotoes already rehydrated with the stock (we eyeball from experience vs measuring what was removed from the potato originally, one layer of the deboned mixed meat and a final layer of potatoes. The success of this meal is from the flavor of the stock replacing the original water and starch from the potato and the consistency of the potato prior to putting it into the pan. You are looking for a nice golden brown crust when properly baked. Serve with butter on top (or in some homes molasses and you won experience a better comfort food. We would also add pork chops ( browned in salt pork too or pieces as well as chicken. Even after a couple of hundred years it doesn get any better.

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锘緿alhousie teens rescued from ravine in woods
“Meanwhile, three more officers arrived on scene and they took turns rotating, putting them up on their backs to help get them out.”
“Through contact of them through the dispatchers, both the 911 and the dispatching, we were able to triangulate a spot where they were and the two initial officers were able to locate them,” said Dibblee.
Two teenaged girls are expected to make a full recovery after being stranded in the woods in Dalhousie for about four hours on Tuesday.

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Place the cake on a clean work surface. Using a bread knife, trim the top to make it level. Use the template to cut out the dinosaur shape. Use 1 Tbsp of frosting to attach the tail piece of cake.
the M (red, orange, yellow, and green) all over the top of the cake for the dinosaur’s spots. Insert 3 green M thin side up, as toenails on each foot. Use one brown M for the eye.
a very small corner from the bag with the red frosting. Pipe a mouth with the red frosting.
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burberry Long T-shirts The Oscarwinning actor called on lawmakers to tackle the problem as the European Commission tabled proposals that could lead to a total ban by 2014.Promoting his documentary Trashed, which focuses on some of the world most polluted places, Irons said plastic waste litters the most remote parts of the globe thanks to our culture.He gave per cent backing to the Daily Mail Banish The Bags campaign, which calls on companies and politicians to reduce the number of plastic bags in our countryside and rivers.The actor said: would like to see a Government policy implemented of zero waste. In San Francisco, they have achieved 80 per cent recycling of all waste, so it is proven to be possible.commodity prices are rising seems obtuse to bury or burn those commodities that could be reused at far less cost than producing them anew. Irons, 64, said it would be much easier to cut the volume of plastic being produced, rather than finding ways to get rid of an actor, not an environmentalist, but from what I have learned, I believe the construction of further incinerators in England is an unnecessary, costly and retrogressive step, as well as being a danger to our collective health.
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Wear official mbt shoes, equivalent to a foot massage, contribute to health, these truths Birch are very mindful. However, she said she likes is near nature in this manner, “The Maldives happens to be known as the paradise on Earth, more need to walk with us through this Green lifestyle, make Maldives more beautiful . ‘
The FitFlop are available for both men and women. FitFlops for girls can be found in 7 styles, in varying colors and prices. The original FitFlop, the Walkstar and most popular style, comes in sizes 5-11 and will come in 7 colors. Not all retailers that sell the FitFlop exercise shoe carry the complete line.
This creates a organic,uneven walking surface and forces it to use all of the significant and official mbt shoes stabilsing muscle groups thus instruction the complete system to maneuver properly.Troops in war people.The functionality of mbt shoes sale is similar to balancing a ball through your foot.
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But since the scientists recognized the folks weren’t gonna run barefoot across the pavements of the urban centers, creating a shoe started to be the top priority.
The American Council of Exercise (ACE) wanted to understand the same in order that they did some testing with everyday mbt shoes online against 3 various kinds of rocker bottom mbt shoes sale. ACE desired to make study fair so that they used in good physical shape people and they gave them the different mbt shoes online arbitrarily to put on for five minute intervals on a treadmill. The researchers monitored heartbeat, oxygen consumption, ratings of perceived exertion, and caloric expenditure. Then they did another study to measure muscle activation using various kinds of machines, again each woman was testing different mbt shoes sale arbitrarily and they walked for the treadmill at 3.0 mph. The study showed that there were no significant difference inside the amount of calories burned or perhaps the muscle activation to guide some of the claims of rocker bottom mbt shoes online shaping your legs, butt and abs. The results were just about the same as with regular mbt shoes sale. They even have a large amount of cool looking graphs to back up their claim the mbt shoes really do not work any different than regular official mbt shoes; it was the physical act of exercising that burns the calories and tones up the muscles not mbt shoes online.
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Now, he insist on walk nearly three years, reduced weight 15 kg, healthy lifestyle habit of sports, living, eating, emotional ‘ four reasonable ‘. and also the biggest advantage is walking fitness without time limit, can be practiced anywhere, anytime, Such as commuting less when you should sit automobile or standing drive one day less car, for one more example climb stairs, equally effective. “In the Jackson a proper life initiative.
Lose weight talent obligation to “preach”
Where to buy the FitFlop exercise shoes
Jackson asserted he was doing within the garment business, Economic condition isn’t bad, very early has his very own car. Modern civilization which brings to life a lot easier, conversely, the physique continue to drop, weight may be rising, so he soon started placed on mbt shoes online to perform walking fitness, more per week using a walk around the edge of nightime in the home, 6,000 steps whenever.
I was originally informed me a deeper knowledge of layer has become completely equal dialogue mbt shoes sale between me being an object that may be.You can also send work to a specific amount of compensation continue to be a number of ways.
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